Good Samaritan Lutheran Church has been in Lanham since 1961. Our ministries take us into the community to reach a large part of the citizens. Each fall we host a luncheon for homeless men and their friends and families. Each winter we partner with another church to host Safe Haven through which we serve homeless men of all ages, by providing meals, items for personal hygiene, a shower and sleeping facilities.

We are a growing, inclusive congregation who loves to serve wherever we are called. We strive to become the hands through which God’s work is carried out. Sunday mornings we unite in worship as a congregation when we gather for His Word and Sacrament and after that go out into the community to serve as best we can in whatever ways we may be required to do. Our interactions with those we meet at various levels as well as through our leadership and our participating in community events enhance our presence in the area.

Currently we are undergoing a process of Redevelopment due to the changing dynamics of the City of Lanham and its neighborhood.

We are wheelchair and walker accessible and we look forward to welcoming anyone who wishes to join us in worship. Come join us at 11 a.m. each Sunday.